1. Departing The Damned

From the album Departing The Damned

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Years of torment immersed in this place
the soulless embrace of the dead
accustomed to pain and whom that it serves
forsaken is all in this land
waltz of the false and lies of the gods
I must be unleashed to transcend
to walk from the truth, unbridled unglued
leaving the land of undead...

Escape is my wish and possesses my mind
in the abyss which won't let me go
skin melts from my flesh
I erode from inside
as I descend to the bottom of the tide

Despair is my friend.. who I've come to know
comfort it gives me inside...
Departing the Damned, a future unknown
destruction of body and mind

The world above, a desolate one
a place which I have not walked
ripping my way out of this hell
clawed back from those I oppose
Shredded my skin, torment within
gore soaked, bloody and gashed
Discarding my flesh, an unneeded vest
left rotting for them to ingest

Destroying the weak...
Dismember the meek...
Degraded flesh...
Tortured duress...

I don't know where I'm going
but I'm dying
the sands of time run old
but I was ageless