1. Honour Among Thieves

From the album Departing The Damned

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Fighting through a sea of discarded flesh
A wasteland of human invalids
force feed them the mundane
they never disappoint to sustain
lifeless souls a dime a dozen
your sisters, brothers, and your cousins
A world of emptiness for all to enjoy
the law of violence for all to employ...

It's the moment that you realize defeat
It's the moment that you realize there's no Honour Among Thieves

Greed and corruption is the way of the world
erase that you have a future unknown
there's no point in fighting it now
the end is coming whether we like it or not
a ruined environment, political unrest
yet we continue to breed and infest
wallow in ignorance while you watch us die
silence the hungry, their unheard cries

Breathe it in, taste the lie
there's no cure, death disguised
pestilence and war, wasted lies
famine and torture, wasted cries

Irrelevant is the purpose to thieve and succeed
in this barren rock amongst the clouds
a slow decline is guaranteed
the perfect species no longer renowned
passing the torch to the next in line
the wheels in motion, the slaves to the grind
ignorance of man will be our end
the law of violence for all to ingest