1. The Ritual Of Blood and Consumption

From the album Departing The Damned

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Found you in an alley, it's your time to die
Sold your soul for money, Jesus sees your lies
Methamphetamine's found me, now it's justified
your death will exult me of afterlife's reprise

In time you'll see my point of view
once God has fully cleansed you
your sins I take away from you
God's work psychotically I do

Once you're dead I'll revel in my holy shrine
blood upon these walls makes this stone divine
drug-induced psychosis makes this task enriched
as I cleanse the world of unholy cysts

A machete...
Now I'm ready...
Cold and steady...

Hacked up and tortured for your ways
your life is garbage, no reason to stay
in death you gain what's left to reclaim
now the deed is settled,
my high distilled and tame
fortunate to be calm
violence another day
when I talk to God
the world becomes OK
now I wait for my next unholy prey