1. A Gradual Decline

From the album Departing The Damned

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From the time you were dormant
till the time that you bleed
spreads a sickness so deep
like a terminal disease...

Humanity's time has come and it's gone
civilization and all that it shone
broken down from what it once was
hidden behind its bullshit cause

Like the wake to the lake shore
A Gradual Decline
force fed and lied to
it's time that we see...

Broken, shattered, soulless, selfish...

Treachery, and all that it breeds
Decency, the lacking of which that we see
Brutality, oppression with violence as means
Slavery, from government lies and the cheats...

Darkness falls and we realize
born defected, terminal lives
existence ending, world demise
mother nature's final decline