1. The Resilience To Fire

From the album Departing The Damned

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That gate has opened to fight
bloody patrons in sight
the fear inside takes flight
destroying your third reich....

Bullets, shrapnel, without ending
chaos, confusion
Not withstanding, crossfire blending
why am I here?
bloodlust anger, now I'm seething
I want them to pay
killing you will be my pleasure
blood lust and decay....

Filled with mines, machinegun fire
cut to shreds from razor wire
dead bodies fill the beach
the enemy I beseech...

Death is the end
mortality my friend
leaving this place
Mankind's disgrace...

As I go blind, my time arrives
the world now subsides
a waste of our lives...

Thousands now dead
shot with intent
gutted and gored
now are no more.