1. Manifestations of Iniquity

From the album Departing The Damned

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Escaping your fears of reality
you played the blind
Ignoring the facts of mortality
you waited and died
Insanity played a bigger role
a trick of the mind
Genetic disease engrained in you
existence denied....

Ingrained in my head - dementia
Ingrained in my head - Schizophrenia ...

Passed on down the line
DNA's landmine...

Twisting and turning through cranial spheres
insidious seething, it plays on our fears...

The time has come
when your mind's not yours
lost control, insanity takes it's toll
living inside a mind
with no parole
barred and shackled
with nowhere to go...

Straight up lost your mind
was once your own
now it is a new home
for the unknown...