1. The Skin Casket

From the album Cataclysms And Beginnings

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A fog emerges,
memory erased,

where did I come from?

mind out to space,
disease of anger,

frustration's lust,
lost in amnesia, 

and out of touch

forgot my own existence,

it's long since died,

a husk of flesh and chaos,

no sense of time,

lost is my purpose for life,

just here to breath, 

cast off and set aside,

bodies reprieve

Dead my mind, my body lives,

The Skin Casket where I exist,

Dead my mind, my body lives,

A skin casket, I am it…..

awake not sure for how long,

what is my name?

where am I? how long i've been here?

am I insane?

confused, I wait for death now,

my final act.

hope heaven holds my soul dear,

memories intact.......