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"Cataclysms And Beginnings" Finally Released!  

Hey all! 

At long last, our new album Cataclysms and Beginnings has finally been released and is available everywhere! And we do mean everywhere! iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Google Play, Bandcamp, our own store here, every illegal torrent site you can think of… everywhere! 

And of course we want to thank you all for supporting us and being patient while we put this record together, its been a long road leading up to this point, and its a huge relief to finally have the album out! And special thanks go out to everyone who preordered the record, we hope you're enjoying it!  

If you haven't grabbed a copy yet, you can get CDs direct from us here, and they will be coming to distros near you shortly.  

Now, time to get back on the road and start playing again! A Look at Gambling in Canada.

Another New Song/Lyric Video!  

  Hey all, Just another quick update for everyone! First of all, the response to our new song has been awesome so far! Huge thanks to everyone who has checked it our and shared it with your friends! In return for all the support, we give you yet another song from the album, this one called "Limitless Genocide"! It's got all of the fast, brutal stuff you'd expect from us, but also some groovy sludge and greasy solos! Also, in case you missed it, we posted a lyric video for "Upon Serpents They Prey"! Have a look and get a little insight into the meaning of the song.

And remember you can preorder the new album right here on our Store!

Cataclysms And Beginnings!!   

So, in case you guys haven't heard yet, we have announced the details for our new album, entitled "Cataclysms And Beginnings"!  
It will be hitting stores and streets May 19th, and once again features some awesome artwork from the legendary Jon Zig!  

  1. A Malignant Design 
  2. Cataclysms And Beginnings 
  3. Limitless Genocide
  4. Four Walls of Emptiness 
  5. Accommodating Demise 
  6. Clandestine Laboratories Of Unbridled Malevolence 
  7. Exiled To Desolation 
  8. The Pathogenic Nightmare 
  9. Upon Serpents They Prey 
  10. The Skin Casket 

More songs will be debuted soon, but in the meantime you can check out "Upon Serpents They Prey" streaming right here on our site. 
Pre-orders for CDs and Merch packages are also available in our Store

  1. Upon Serpents They Prey

New Song - "Upon Serpents They Prey"!  

Well, it's been a long, and often difficult process, but at long last we are proud to present the first taste of our new album to everyone! There will be many more to come, of course, along with all the details including release dates, pre-orders, and all that fun stuff. But until then, we give you: 


Studio Blog: The Final Chapter 

Yes, the time has finally come for the thrilling conclusion of our In-Studio Video Blog series! 
Despite how quiet it's been around here, we've all been hard at work putting the finishing touches on our upcoming album, and that of course means laying down lead guitars and vocal tracks! Follow along in the process with us, and hopefully have a few chuckles along the way. 

Now that the tracking grunt work is done, we're down to the final stages in preparing this new album for you! Make sure you keep an eye on this page for updates and news about release dates, presales, and all the other exciting details. Or better yet, join our mailing list and be the first to get all the news! And maybe even some exclusive goodies along the way.  

So, thanks again for joining us in this journey, we're looking forward to getting this album out and getting back on the road to see everyone again! 2015 is about to be crushed!  


Studio Blog: Part 2  

Hey folks! 
It's been a while since the last post, but we assure you we have been hard at work putting this new record together! In case you don't believe us, here's some proof, straight from our Rhythm Tracking studio sessions. It's got everything you'd expect from one of our videos… alcohol, stupidity, gear debates, and of course, samples from some of the new tracks! Hope you all enjoy! 
And now, it's back to work for us….. more to come soon! 

Recording New Album!  

Recently the recording process for our 2nd album began, starting with scratch tracking at Matt's home studio, and then more recently with Morten laying down the drum tracks at Annette Studios in Toronto. While we will not be announcing the title, art, or track listing just yet, we can tell you that there are 10 songs coming, all of which are heavy as all fuck. We'll be keeping everyone updated with more posts and video samples, but in the meantime you can check out the 1st edition of our In-studio video blog below. Lots of drum cam, a fair bit of comedic fuckery, and some samples of never-before-heard material! Check it out and subscribe for more updates! 


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