"Cataclysms And Beginnings" Finally Released!

Hey all! 

At long last, our new album Cataclysms and Beginnings has finally been released and is available everywhere! And we do mean everywhere! iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Google Play, Bandcamp, our own store here, every illegal torrent site you can think of… everywhere! 

And of course we want to thank you all for supporting us and being patient while we put this record together, its been a long road leading up to this point, and its a huge relief to finally have the album out! And special thanks go out to everyone who preordered the record, we hope you're enjoying it!  

If you haven't grabbed a copy yet, you can get CDs direct from us here, and they will be coming to distros near you shortly.  

Now, time to get back on the road and start playing again!  


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